Jason Klamm hosts the Comedy on Vinyl podcast and loves comedy records.  While he doesn’t buy comedy exclusively on vinyl, it remains the cheapest way to expand one’s collection and knowledge and also allows one to experience comedy in a slightly more visceral way.  Jason has also been creating comedy albums of his own for almost two decades, so he decided in 2017 that he’d create Celery Sound Records, a nod to the fact that he and Dan Gomiller, his comedy partner in Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour, made an excessive amount of sound effects for their first album using celery in varying states of distress.  They often just tell people that every sound effect on that album was created by celery because it makes them laugh.

Celery Sound is founded on the principle that good comedy can come from anywhere, and that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or good sense to put together something that will make people laugh.  We specialize in sketch comedy, but are open to any really good, forward-thinking comedy that doesn’t refuse to adapt to the times.  That’s a high-minded-sounding way of saying we don’t want to distribute comedy records by a-holes.


Twitter: @celerysound
Instagram: @celerysound
Facebook: facebook.com/celerysound

A Side Note About Fuji Puzzle Box:
There is no greater repository of rescued art than Taylor Jessen’s Fuji Puzzle Box blog, which can be found at taylorjessen.blogspot.com.  Taylor is archivist for The Firesign Theatre, and has turned that work into a passion for not only restoring audio, not only restoring album art, but re-setting the fonts on countless out-of-print albums, comedy and otherwise.  Taylor’s work is not only worthy of your time, but it also happens to be the chief reason we have any ability to re-release out-of-print comedy albums.

Taylor on Twitter: @SidFudd