Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour (view releases)
Dan Gomiller and Jason Klamm started performing improv and sketch comedy when they were but tiny, baby children in 1993. In 2001, they created one of the world’s first viral videos and released their first comedy album, Shoestrings. In 2016, they co-created the smallest comedy album in history, at only 1.5″ in diameter. Celery Sound Records is now the home to all of their future releases, and many from the past.





Jared Jeffries and Peyton Brown (view releases)

Jared Jeffries and Peyton Brown are a unique brand of sketch writers and performers, perhaps easiest (if not comprehensively) described as a modern-day Firesign Theatre. They released their latest album, A Gift You Didn’t Ask For From Friends You Never Had, solely on vinyl. We’re respecting their love of the form and the album will only find its way into your hands in a vinyl format. Celery Sound is proud to have them on board and looks forward to whatever else they put out, however else they choose to release it.




Paul Dooley (view releases)

Paul Dooley has been in too many classic movies to list here, but we’ll start with Sixteen Candles, Popeye and Breaking Away. Celery Sound Records is fortunate to re-release his 1961 comedy album Booked Solid!, it’s first release in 57 years.  Lovingly restored by Firesign Theatre archivist Taylor Jessen, this album is a sneak-peek into the albums being created just as the format was coming into its own and experimenting with what was worthy to be committed to vinyl.  Booked Solid! was certainly a worthy experiment, and we’re happy to have it on our label.




Jason Klamm (view releases)

Jason Klamm hosts the Comedy on Vinyl podcast, the Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour podcast and Dispatches from Fort Awesome: A NewsRadio Podcast, and runs the StolenDress Podcast Network.  With his comedy partner, Dan Gomiller, he’s created over a dozen comedy albums over the last 25 years.  He’s also written two books, the audiobook versions for which can only be found here.