Celery Sound Records – Official Launch

Thanks for visiting the home of Celery Sound Records, an independent comedy record label from the host of the Comedy on Vinyl podcast.

We spent way too much time making sure this site tells you everything you need to know about us, so I don’t want to repeat things too much in blog form, but here’s to a 90s-style “Welcome To Our Home On the Web!” that should be accompanied by a sparkling starfield GIF.

Celery Sounds’ first official release is Shoestrings: 16th Anniversary, which you can find out about about clicking on those words.  I am also incredibly excited for Celery Sound to be the home of A Gift You Didn’t Ask for From Friends You Never Had, and independently-funded sketch album inspired by the greats, especially The Firesign Theatre.

We’re going to specialize in sketch comedy, which means our releases will be infrequent, as good audio sketch albums take a good deal of time to get right.  This means we’re also open to other forms, including stand-up, if the comedy itself meets our standards – meaning that the artist has clearly put some thought into their work beyond what makes one room laugh.  We like stuff that isn’t bigoted, which we don’t think is too much to ask.  It’s all up to interpretation, for sure, but we like nice people.

As for this image, please disregard it as a flight of fancy on my part, as I enjoy mocking up fake comedy album covers.  I’m also not saying this one won’t ever exist, in some form.

  • Jason Klamm